Saturday Confession – Location Change

July 10, 2020

Dear Mary Queen of Peace Parishioners,

 I am slowly learning my way around the ways of Mary Queen of Peace.  As a rule, I don’t like to make changes at a new assignment too quickly, so that I have the opportunity to get the lay of the land and   better understand the general rhythm of things.  But there is one change that I have decided to make.

Effective Saturday, July 18, I will begin hearing confessions at St. Martin church at 4:00 pm instead of St. Walburga.  As the one who prepares the church for the Saturday evening Mass, it would be very helpful for me to be in the same building for confessions that I celebrate Mass.  I am still getting used to celebrating Mass in this space and getting everything out and in the right place and having quiet time to prepare to celebrate Mass.

While St. Walburga is not terribly far away, it is far enough that having to lock up the church, drive back, park my car and get into the sacristy to finalize Mass set up makes me feel rushed.  Once I am here for a while and am more familiar with set up, we can reexamine things.  I am happy to meet for private confession at either campus or in my office at a time other than the regular times.  You may contact me by email or in the parish office.

 God Bless You,

 Father Mark Pavilk