A Reflection from Father Kaluza:

Stewardship is the way to live our lives by answering the call received in our Baptism and realizing that all we have is gift from God. Stewards are asked to accept these gifts with grateful hearts, develop these gifts, and with a spirit of generosity, share them with others.

Stewardship as a way of life is more than giving a few moments of spare time or some spare change to someone in need. It is truly a journey of discovery and conversion starting with the individual who asks, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What can I do to make a difference? How am I called by God?”

As more and more individual stewards reach out to one another, the entire community of faith can be transformed, and together we can build a vibrant and engaged parish embracing Stewardship as a Way of Life. Stewardship as a way of life has astonishing implications for our relationships and our daily lives. We can experience life-shaping changes of mind and heart when we commit ourselves to the Lord.

Recognizing God as the origin of life, receive gifts in a gratitude that is glued to action, eager to demonstrate our love for God and neighbor. The journey of discipleship is one of intense joy, fulfillment and peace. All of us have been blessed and we are all asked to be a blessing to others!

In keeping with this, we ask you to consider how you might serve the ministry here at our parish. In order to help deepen your faith and build social ties, we hope you will answer the call to serve in one of the various ministries offered at Mary Queen of Peace. There are many ways to be involved such as Adorers, Liturgical Ministers, Knights of Columbus, CCW, Faith Formation Catechists and many more. Please feel free to contact the Parish Office if you have questions or need contact information for the various ministries.

Stewardship – What is it? In Part – Stewards of the Church

Stewards of God’s gifts are not passive beneficiaries. We cooperate with God in our own redemption and in the redemption of others. We are also obliged to be stewards of the Church—collaborators and cooperators in continuing the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, which is the Church’s essential mission. This mission—proclaiming and teaching, serving and sanctifying—is our task. It is the personal responsibility of each one of us as stewards of the Church.

All members of the Church have their own roles to play in carrying out its mission:

  • Parents, who nurture their children in the light of faith;
  • Parishioners, who work in concrete ways to make their parishes true communities of faith and vibrant sources of service to the larger community;
  • All Catholics, who give generous support—time, money, prayers, and personal service according to their circumstances—to parish and diocesan programs and to the universal Church.

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