Stewardship Committee Goals 2018-19

What is Stewardship

Stewardship is recognizing everything we are and everything we have is a gift from God and being grateful and generous for our gifts.  Stewardship is about helping each other increase our faith, better our relationship with God and help each other get to heaven!

Mary Queen of Peace Stewardship Mission

Strive to build a Welcoming Community that unites and brings each individual closer to Christ by helping each other to celebrate our gifts of time, talent & treasure through Education, Communication and Collaboration.

All members of the Church have their own roles to play in carrying out its mission:

  • Parents, who nurture their children in the light of faith;
  • Parishioners, who work in concrete ways to make their parishes true communities of faith and vibrant sources of service to the larger community;
  • All Catholics, who give generous support—time, money, prayers, and personal service according to their circumstances—to parish and diocesan programs and to the universal Church.

Stewardship Committee Goals 2018-2019

In support of the Mary Queen of Peace Parish Goal to build community within our parish: Implement Ministry Sunday.  Ministry Sunday will replace the Stewardship Fair that has been historically held during the month of September.  Click here to review the Ministry Sunday Schedule.

The objective of Ministry Sunday is to allow each member of the community a more in-depth understanding of particular ministry(s).  Active members of the featured ministry(s) will be on hand to provide more information or answer any questions. If a person is feeling called by the Holy Spirit to become a member of that ministry to share their gift and talents, they will have the opportunity to sign up.

Create Mary Queen of Peace Welcome Wagon Committee

The Welcome Wagon subcommittee is a part of the Stewardship Committee.

The goal of the Welcome Wagon is to instill a sense of place and community. We want to drive enthusiasm for our parish. We want our parish to be a comfortable and favorite place for our families.

The first New Parishioners Lunch was held on October 28, 2018.  Those who have joined our community in the past 18 months were be invited to attend.  The Subcommittee may host coffee, luncheon, or dinner two to three times a year.

Stewardship Committee Members:  

Joan & Jim Burkett, Becky & Peter Mullin, Deacon Joe  Smith

Staff Contact(s)

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