Liturgical Ministry

As a baptized Christian, you are already participating fully and deeply in the service of Jesus. To serve as a Liturgical Minister is a great honor and a great responsibility. It should be undertaken with the intention to grow in your devotion to the Mass, to the church that celebrates it, and to the Lord, through whom and in whom it can be done.

Below is a list of the Mary Queen of Peace Liturgical Ministries. Detailed procedures for each ministry are also posted below.

Altar Servers

Fourth grade are trained as candle bearers; fifth grade (and older) are trained for cross and book. The Altar Servers Program is open to children who have received the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Volunteers must complete a server training. Servers must arrive at church at least fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of Mass to light candles and to follow the priest’s instructions for special occasions.

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The Lector serves the liturgical assembly by proclaiming the sacred scripture during the Liturgy of the Word. The worthy exercise of this role enables the Church to hear the Word of God more clearly and receive it with more open hearts. When we come together for liturgy, we encounter God in one another, in the sacramental actions and in the proclamation of the Word of God. The Lector has the task of making God present in the Liturgy of the Word for our parish community.

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

As an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, you are first and foremost a member of the body of Christ, one of the holy people of God. Extraordinary Ministers distribute Holy Communion (The Body of Christ and Precious Blood) to the congregation, along with the priest and deacon. This ministry is to be exercised at Mass only; ministers to the sick and homebound are organized through the Parish Office.

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Weekend Sacristan

Required to be at church thirty minutes prior to the beginning of Mass to set-up chalice, ciboria, etc. Place water, wine & hosts on the table in back of church, chalice & paten on credence table, turn on sound system, lights, etc. and clean up after Mass.

Hospitality – Ushers

The first task of the parish community is to reach out to all people in Christian love and service. Christian hospitality draws people together, opens them to participation, and sets the tone for the liturgy. The ministry of hospitality is crucial because it is so visible in the Church. Certainly the attitude, conduct and even the appearance of the minister of hospitality directly affects, either positively or negatively, the experience of the faithful at Mass. The Usher Ministry is responsible to welcome parishioners or visitors, take up and safeguard the weekend collection and assist others in the ministry.


Greeters are asked to position themselves at the 3 doors of the Parish Life Center 30 minutes prior to Mass to greet the parishioners/guests and guide them to the stairs, elevator, restroom, St. Martin Church, or whatever the need. Your duties are before Mass only.  The ushers will continue to perform their usual responsibilities.
Please email to volunteer for this ministry.  Please include your name, phone number, email address and mass time (8:00am or 10:00am).

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Liturgical Ministers Assist at Mass and are scheduled on a rotating basis.


Contact Info

If you would like to become involved with one or more of these ministries or would like more information, please email Karen Otto, Volunteer Scheduler: