Funeral Planning

Planning Your Funeral

Now I am going to tell you a mystery: Not all of us shall fall asleep, but all of us are to be changed — in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye. 1 CORINTHIANS 15:51 

Mary Queen of Peace is available for funerals every day of the week (based on availability), except Sundays and Holy Days.

Mary Queen of Peace provides the following:

  • A pastoral minister to review with you the funeral guide to assist you in liturgy planning, including reading and music selections, as well as schedule musician for the service
  • Musicians for your ceremony
  • A worship aid designed for each funeral

The Funeral Rites

There are three aspects to the funeral rites according to the Catholic tradition:

  1. The Vigil for the Deceased: this service is part of the visitation when held the night before the funeral.
  2. The Funeral Liturgy: this service may happen with or without the celebration of the Eucharist.
  3. The Rite of Committal: this ceremony happens at the cemetery at the time of interment.

Cremation is allowed by the Catholic Church. The cremated remains should be treated with as much respect as the body.  Although not mandatory, it is preferred that the body be present for the funeral services and that cremation take place afterward.

If the body or the cremated remains are present, then a funeral Mass is celebrated, unless liturgical/pastoral reasons suggest a funeral liturgy outside of Mass.

If neither the body nor the cremated remains are present, then a memorial service is celebrated, either with or without a Mass.

Mary Queen of Peace Cemeteries

Mary Queen of Peace has a rich history in the northwest corner of Hennepin County.  We have 2 cemeteries that have served our community from the late 1800’s to today.

Convenient Locations:

  • St. Walburga Cemetery located 12025 Fletcher Lane near St. Walburga Church in Rogers.
  • St. Martin Cemetery is located 13705 Rogers Drive – just north of Interstate 94 and Highway 101 in Rogers.

Some of the features of our cemeteries include:

St. Martin & St. Walburga Cemetery Rules:

If you are interested in more information regarding our cemeteries or in purchasing a cemetery space at either location, please contact the Parish Office at 763.428.2585.