Building Committee

The Building Committee was first brought together in March of 2015; charged with the task of visiting recent church additions for best practices.  It was officially was formed in formed in September of 2015 and is tasked with guiding the planning and construction phases of the Mary Queen of Parish Life Center Project. The members work closely with the Fundraising Committee and Building and Grounds Committee under the direction and Leadership of Father Michael Kaluza. Pastor.

The responsibilities of the Building Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Building requirements and priorities
  • Selection of Construction Company to build the structure
  • Working with city, county and utilities to obtain permits necessary for building
  • Managing the prep work (removal of old Parish Office, tree removal, etc.)
  • Partnering with the Parish Office, MQP School/Preschool and various committees (i.e. Funeral, CCW, KOC), assist in the planning of interior spaces for efficient flow, ensuring energy efficiency throughout the building and sufficient storage capacity as well as technical business solutions.
  • Adjust priorities as financial considerations dictate.

The committee meets as needed to review current project status;  make recommendations on all aspects of the construction.

Current Members:

  • Jeff Nadeau: Chairperson
  • Nicole Baker
  • Leroy Frie
  • Mike Gerard
  • Neva Gullickson
  • Tom Kammers
  • Wade Lovelette
  • Carol Lutgen
  • Milt Miller
  • Tina Miller
  • Sara Reiland
  • John Ruff
  • Van Satlak
  • Kyle Wareing (Kinghorn Construction)
  • Norb Zahler

Contact Info

Contact the Parish Office for more information.