Viola Gertrude (Ahlstrom) Schaber

Schaber, Viola Gertrude (Ahlstrom) of Maple Grove, 97 years old, passed on 5/22/22 with her four daughters by her side. She was a woman of extraordinary grace ahead of her time. Born and raised in Rogers, Minnesota, she didn’t move far from her home but made a difference in the world through her quiet demeanor and deliberate actions. She graduated from Elk River High School. Determined to get higher education, she hitched a ride from a local chicken farmer on his way to the stockyard and was dropped off at Comstock Hall at the University of Minnesota to complete one year of college. The war years sent many young men off to war and to do her part, she applied and was selected to become an “engineerette” at the General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan. There she learned drafting substituting for the absence of male workers, taking part in the “I can do it!” movement. Returning to Rogers, she married Clarence Jerome “Lefty” Schaber (married 62 years) and settled in to raise four daughters, Nancy Scarlotta (Tony), Patricia Schaber, Roberta Zedeker (Dan), and Geri Martin (Mike). Whatever she did, she made it her passion. She valued higher education, and working part time as a postal clerk, her earnings paid tuition for her daughters to obtain college degrees. She continued to subsidize college tuition for her 10 grandchildren. In her retirement, she loved oil and water color painting, playing bridge, quilting, sewing (2 wedding dresses and holding a patent for a tennis ball waist bag), golf, and tennis. Her art work, replications of the great masters, adorns the homes of her family members. She loved playing tennis and took a silver medal in pairs in 2005 in Pittsburg PA and 2007 in Louisville KY in the National Senior Olympic Summer Games at age 81 and 83 respectively. She loved golf and was on the Senior league at Glen Lake, playing well into her 90’s. Another passion was politics and she often reminded those around her that she lived through it all; her favorite show was 60 minutes. In her earlier years, she marched against war and traveled to Fort Benning Georgia in 2007 with a group of her peers to protest with Father Roy Bourgeois against the School of the America’s training of Central American soldiers. A very spiritual and deeply religious person, she loved and cherished her family and everyone around her. She is survived by her four daughters, ten grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. A memorial celebration will take place on June 17 at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Rogers, MN; 10am visitation, 11am Mass, noon luncheon at 15019 91st Ave N. Maple Grove, MN (RSVP Burial at Fort Snelling at a later date.