OCTOBER 17 Construction Update

2+ Weeks Look Ahead:

This Week:

– Mailboxes are in!  Carol will put the numbers on the mailboxes and contact the post office to begin delivering mail to the new location.

– It has been confirmed that the Century Link equipment outside the front door of the PLC is DEAD.  Kinghorn will pull out all equipment early next week to make way for sidewalk

– Asphalt Update:  Due to weather conditions, Omann can not get the 2nd lift of asphalt in the cul-de-sac and west/north side of church this week.  Timing tbd

– 1st lift of asphalt on the east side — timing tbd

Next Week:

– Fehn will be out to do the backfill for curbs & gutters / sidewalks around portico

– Pour “punch through” on the curb

– Pour footings for Electronic Message Board

– Security System — Exterior Doors — working on scheduling meeting next week with all players to get things working.

Other Items

– Data line from Electronic sign to network room – wait to pull until the sign is being installed.

– Trees – weather dependent — still planning on getting done this fall.

– Exterior Signage – has been installed identifying door numbers throughout the campus as well as indicating “Parish Office” “Adoration Chapel”, etc.

– Sprinkler system / sod at rectory:  timing tbd weather/availability dependent

Awaiting Estimates

– Kitchen Sink Install

– EFIS School

Kinghorn waiting decision from MQP

– $15,600 – decision on asphalt for Memorial Drive

– ~$1,000 for cement pad for dumpsters

-$1,850 Magnetic Door Holder for door on 1st floor to St. Martin Hall

Mary Queen of Peace, Pray for us!