April 10 2019 Construction Update

Concrete being poured in Parish Life Center – Tuesday April 9

hope to finish before the snow flies

Due to winter weather, construction meeting cancelled this week.

Construction status:
1. Kinghorn received the engineering for the kitchen plumbing detail on Thursday and the CO was approved over the weekend.  They are still going to hold the slab out in this area due to the  Sate of Mn. needing to approve kitchen designs. Timing tbd.
2. The roofs over the portico, north entrance, and the Adoration Chapel have been framed and covered by the steel workers and ready for the standing seam roofing material.
 3. You may also have noticed the south elevation has scaffolding covering the whole elevation with people starting the beginning application of the Dryvit wall system.
4. The window work continues, and the hope is to button up the building on Wednesday for the approaching weather.

5. City of Rogers contacted Kinghorn regarding concerns from owner of the home next to the rectory as it relates to the finishing grade between the church and his property as well as light fixture and possible need of fence for safety.  Further discussions will take place before final recommendation is made.

OCCUPANCY – On or about August 1, 2019

Mary Queen of Peace – Pray for Us!

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