February 8, 2019 Construction Update

Winter continues to put a hold on the project!


Expect to see the construction of the roof in the next 2-3 weeks.

PreSchool / Parish Office

– Revised drawings for the Pre-School and Parish Office were presented this week.  Team is reviewing the options and will make recommendation within the next 2 weeks.

Adoration Chapel

  • Minor changes were made to the Adoration Chapel to allow for increase use of the chapel.

Parish Life Center – NEEDS LIST

  • As we see the structure of the building going up, walls and windows installed, our thoughts turn to the inside furnishings of the building.  As has been communicated, there are no funds allocated for the furnishings of the Parish Life Center.  We are asking for our Parish Community to help support our efforts to fund the “essentials”:
    • Office furniture:  We will need modular office furniture for the office staff.
    • We have a contact we are working with that may provide us with desk chairs, storage closets that can be used for office supplies, etc.
    • Gathering Space tables & chairs:  We will need 25 round, collapsable tables as well as approx 300 folding chairs (with carts for storage).
    • There is no allocation for anything other than the kitchen sink in the contract.  Pitchers for water, coffee pots (thermos), etc. will be needed for our parish gatherings.  Shelving will be needed until permanent counters/cupboards can be installed.
    • and the list goes on …..

If you have goods or services you could discount or donate, please contact Carol Lutgen, Business Administrator at 763.428-2585.

Mary Queen of Peace – Pray for Us!



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